Rubber Arm Muscle Rub Provides Relief From Arthritis, Backache & Sore Muscles


Active seniors with arthritis

“I can stay active longer and enjoy life now”

“I have used Icy Hot patches for years. I have lower back pain and arthritis in my hands. I started using Rubber Arm Muscle Rub cream on my back and hands and loved it. The feeling of heat goes deep into my muscles quickly and felt like it stayed warm longer than Icy Hot patches. I am now able to go shopping and stay active for longer periods of time. I feel that Rubber Arm has changed my life.”


Helping You Recuperate Faster from Aches and Pains

Rubber Arm Muscle Rub was developed to help athletes and everyday people recuperate faster from the aches and pains associated with physical activity – including backache, arthritis, sprains, bruises, muscle strains and cramps. Easily apply Rubber Arm Muscle Rub with the no mess Roll-On, or massage it directly into the muscle or joint by hand with the fast absorbing Cream.


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No-Mess Roll On


Roll-On Muscle Rub is easily applied by massaging directly into muscles or joints.




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